Dar Soual is an Arab printing house dealing with the editorial and translation and editing and printing and publication and the distribution of books and the intellectual and scientific and literary studies, whose headquarter is in the capital of Lebanon : Beirut.
The publishing house works according to its mission that it believed in, it is the consolidation of an Arab culture that stimulates the questions of the meaning and value and awareness, through the publication and the printing and distribution of the varied and different intellectual and creative production, it comes from the deep contemplation and writing for the Arab generations, from the points of view of the culture and discipline and the method of thinking.
The house , managed by young minds enlightened and enthusiastic , with the experience in the world of publication and distribution, with the art of communication and modern interaction, works on achieving a series of objectives : Publication and printing and distribution of intellectual and creative works : poetry, prose, novels and series of stories and philosophy and studies. In addition to the care by the Arab book, and to take into consideration the intellectual rights, according to a clear legal frame between him and the House in a professional and respectful way, with the fact of being keen on the participation and interaction with the Arab general background , through its effectiveness and ceremonies and events.
Dar Soual was founded with basic principles , mainly to support and encourage the writers and translators by preserving the rights of the intellectual and financial property with legal contracts documented and adopted that guarantee for them a permanent financial revenue with a determined and fixed percentage from the profits of the sales of the books divided yearly on them. the House has established for itself an artistic committee formed of some specialists in the literature and intellectual

studies that evaluate the written documents and the projects of books received by the House, and to give the opinion regarding what is good to be published and what is not good. We do not exaggerate if we say that the books that House refused to publish are much more than those published till now, we always try not to neglect the distinguished artistic value of what we issue from literary and intellectual works.
Dar Soual is not only limited to the criteria of quality and distinction in issuing its books in a high artistic beauty, it deals as well with the marketing of its publications, whether by preparing news related to the most recent publications, or by preparing the offers for the content of its publications, to be published in the Arab newspapers and magazines in addition to what is published in its electronic site: //http://darsoual.com
Dar Soual shall be considered among the most active Arab Printing houses in the promotion of its publications through its account on Facebook :
Dar Soual and its account in twitter darsouall2014@ , this what makes its publications subject to attention, it attracts in a special way the category of the youth in the Arab world.
The most important proof of success of Dar Soual is its success in attracting the biggest Arab contemporary writer Ibrahim Al Koni considered among the greatest Arab novelist.
His novels were translated into the international languages, he was awarded highly recognized international awards, he chooses our Printing house among all the Arab printing houses to be the exclusive publisher of his novels and publications since the year 2014, w re-published his epic novel The Majus , after that, his new novel was published in 2015 The Camel of God, after that the book Song of the tighten Strings and finally the Book Ahl Al Sara , this big trust from the big Arab novelist Ibrahim Al Koni tok place after he felt the truth of the mission of the Publishing House enlightening, and its special care by the literature , in addition to its loyalty for the quality and distinction and professional work in the publication and the books illustration.